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Aftab Alam, Fazli Azim, Manzoor Ahmed, Nasir Ali Zia u-Din
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This survey based research administered 300 questionnaires to the middle and top level managers of 130 Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) listed firms. The questionnaire used in this study was designed to study the relationship between corporate governance structure and firm performance. The findings of this research shows that among corporate governance dimensions, “commitment to corporate governance” ,“transparency and disclosure” and “Structure and function of Board” have the highest middle and lowest mean values respectively assigned by the sample studied. Further regression analysis showed that commitment to corporate governance”, “transparency and disclosure” have significant positive relationship with firm performance. Finally study find that “Structure and function of Board” has positive with firm performance that is not statistically significant.

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APMAA 7th Conference will be held on 11 November 2011, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
International Conference on Management, Business Ethics and Economics, will be held on 28-29 December 2011 Lahore, Pakistan

7thOctober 2013 - SystemicSustainability Management - Complexity, Resilience and Systems ThinkingVienna, Austria


7th October2013 - 16th AnnualHR Technology® Conference & Expo Las Vegas, United States ofAmerica


10thOctober 2013 - InternationalConference on Business and IP Strategy Shanghai, China


10thOctober 2013 - M-SphereConference 2013 Dubrovnik, Croatia (Hrvatska)


11thOctober 2013 - The 2013International Conference on Advances in Intelligent Systems in Bioinformatics,Chem-Informatics, Business Intelligence, Social Media and Cybernetics(IntelSys) Jakarta, Indonesia


12th October 2013 - 2013 4th International Conference on Distance Learning andEducation (ICDLE 2013) Paris,France


13thOctober 2013 - HumanResources Gipfel 2013 Heiligendamm, Germany


13th October 2013 - IABE 2013 LasVegas Fall Conference - Research / Teaching Excellence in Business andEconomics Las Vegas, United States of America


14thOctober 2013 - The 2013International Conferences on Socio-Cultural, Anthropology, Criminology andInternational Relations (SACIR 2013), Jakarta, Indonesia


15thOctober 2013 - ThirdInternational Conference on Food Studies Austin, United States ofAmerica


15thOctober 2013 - ABIS AnnualColloquium: Sustainability & Finance Breukelen, Netherlands


17thOctober 2013 - 2ndMacrotheme Conference on Business, Economics, and Finance Paris, France


17thOctober 2013 - StrategicApproach and ‘Blueprint’ For A Tougher Response To Tackle Fraud NewDelhi, India


18th October 2013 - 2013 Isis San Antonio International MultidisciplinaryAcademic Conference SanAntonio, United States of America


18thOctober 2013 - ISSME WorldConference 2013 Gurgaon, India


19th  October 2013 - 2013 4th International Conference on Business, Economicsand Tourism Management - CBETM 2013 Jeju Island, Korea (south)


19thOctober 2013 - 2013International Conference on Aviation Engineering and Management - ICAEM 2013Jeju Island, Korea (south)


19th October 2013  - 2013 4th International Conference on E-business,Management and Economics - ICEME 2013 Jeju Island, Korea (south)


21stOctober 2013 - CustomerExperience for Retail Summit Dallas, United States of America


22ndOctober 2013 - InternationalConference for Academic Disciplines (Rome 2013) Rome, Italy


23rdOctober 2013 - 2013Corporate Leadership Summit Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


19th October 2013 - 2013 3rd Journal Conference on e-Education, e-Business,e-Management and e-Learning (JC4E 2013 3rd) Jeju island, Korea (south)


19th October 2013 - 2013 2nd International Conference on Financial Theory(ICFT 2013) Jeju Island, Korea(south)

24th October 2013 - StrategicApproach and ‘Blueprint’ For A Tougher Response to Tackle Fraud Bengaluru, India

24th October 2013 -Mustang InternationalAcademic Conference Dallas, United States of America

24thOctober 2013 - Final call for papers: world business and social scienceresearch conference Bangkok,Thailand

24th October 2013 - Whither oureconomies Vilnius, Lithuania

24thOctober 2013 - capstone Business Simulation Workshop Hyderabad, India

24th October 2013 - 23rd CromarCongress: Marketing In A Dynamic Environment - Academic and Practical InsightsLovran, Croatia (Hrvatska)

25th October 2013 - EDASOL 2013 -Economic Development and Standard Of Living Banja Luka, Bosnia andHerzegovina

25th October 2013 - StrategicApproach and ‘Blueprint’ For A Tougher Response to Tackle FraudMumbai, India

25th October 2013 - Science,Education and Business Cooperation: The Innovation Landscapes of Europe and RussiaSt. Petersburg, Russian Federation

28thOctober 2013 - Global Business and Finance Research ConferenceTaipei, Taiwan

28th October 2013 - Power PlantManagement & Generation Atlanta, United States of America

28th October 2013 - ASEANBusiness Talk 2013, Tokyo Tokyo, Japan

29th October 2013 - Chinesemigration, entrepreneurship and development in the new global economyPrato, Italy

30th October 2013 - TorontoGlobal Forum - Globalization at a Crossroads Toronto, Canada



30th October 2013 - OrganizationalLearning Conference (OLC MENA) Dubai, United Arab Emirates

30thOctober 2013 - 1stInternational Conference on Entrepreneurship 2013 Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia